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Whose Football is it?

22 April 2017

Football brings us joy and unites us as fans. But lately, it would seem like the beautiful game is paying more attention to the economic profits rather than the general well being of all stakeholders. This raises the question, whose football is it? Football is undoubtedly a private business. The industry welcomes a private governance structure, where…

[Fútbol Transparente]: Transparency in Colombian Football

15 October 2016

Football has entered a dead-end path regarding corruption and lack of transparency. The latest #FIFAGate and CONMEBOL scandals led to the establishment of [Fútbol Transparente], a joint project led by Foro Por Colombia, Transparency International (Colombian Chapter) and FanVox, aimed at strengthening Colombian football’s institutional framework and promoting supporter involvement. On 12 November 2015, Luis Bedoya, the former Colombian…

#FanPowerSession: Sandlanders Football

18 September 2016

We’ve chatted with Paul Jones, co-founder of Sandlanders Football, and Michael Akande, Sanlanders’ Director and member of the Stationery Stores Supporters’ Trust (Nigeria) on African football and fan ownership. Sandlanders Football is a UK based organisation that works with African football clubs, supporters’ groups and associations to develop better governance and sustainable sports clubs and…

Pro/Rel for USA: #FanPower across the pond!

14 March 2016

Guest Post by Pro/Rel Supporters Association The US “Soccer” pyramid system does not contemplate promotion or relegation for any division. What does this mean in the era of globalized and “modern” football? This guest blog by Promotion/Relegation Supporters Association explains it. These are awkward times for many European fans all across the world. For what seems like the…

#FanPowerSession: Supporters Direct Europe

21 December 2015

#FanPowerSession: Supporters Direct Europe by Fanvox on Mixcloud We spoke with Ben Shave, Development Manager of Supporters Direct Europe  on the development of the supporter movement across Europe and the future of football! Join in and listen to a very insightful chat on football governance.

Pundonor Embajador: The awakening of supporters in Colombia

01 December 2015

Despite being one the most legendary Clubs in Colombia, Millonarios FC are currently going through a competitive and sporting crisis that has derived in the detachment of supporters and minor shareholders from the club. With the aim of driving change, different supporter groups got together to set up Pundonor Embajador, the first organised supporter movement…