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Whose Football is it?

22 April 2017

Football brings us joy and unites us as fans. But lately, it would seem like the beautiful game is paying more attention to the economic profits rather than the general well being of all stakeholders. This raises the question, whose football is it? Football is undoubtedly a private business. The industry welcomes a private governance structure, where…

#FanPowerSession: Latino Fans in the US

21 November 2016

Donald Trump got elected in the US, the MLS corporate soccer is taking over. Jürgen Klinsmann just got sacked from the the manager job of the US National Team.  What is happening? It is clear that US Soccer is going through a rollercoaster in this 2016. The current results on the pitch along with the local (and sometimes…

BREXIT and Traveling Fans

25 July 2016

Our friends from Homefans delivered a thorough preliminary analysis on the impact of Brexit in football traveling between the UK and the EU. Do you remember when you got together with your mates in a pub, and out of the blue you planned to go to Germany during the weekend to experience the great atmosphere? You just…

#FanPowerSession: Serie B

13 May 2016

Federico Smanio, Former Footballer and Head of Digital Transformation and Fan Relationship Management from Serie B in Italy, discussed with us fan engagement and supporter liaison in a new digital era.

#FanPowerSession: Homefans

21 December 2015

#FanPowerSession: Homefans by Fanvox on Mixcloud After our exciting talks with Fútbol Rebelde and Two Men In Search Of The Beautiful Game, we will come back with Homefans, our guest for the third edition of the #FanPowerSessions. We’re thrilled to talk to this new venture that will revolutionise the way fans connect. Imagine that you…