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#FanPowerSession: Latino Fans in the US

21 November 2016

Donald Trump got elected in the US, the MLS corporate soccer is taking over. Jürgen Klinsmann just got sacked from the the manager job of the US National Team.  What is happening?

It is clear that US Soccer is going through a rollercoaster in this 2016. The current results on the pitch along with the local (and sometimes international) pressure should suggest a need for change. The biggest debate has always been around promotion and relegation for US Soccer (#ProRelForUSA), but there are also other relevant topics in the agenda.

Diversity, representation and inclusion of minorities have always been on the spotlight especially in a very diverse country such as USA. What’s the current state of US soccer considering this context? We’ve asked a Latino-born US supporter to tell us more about it!

There must be a different approach by clubs to reach out to the Latino community

We discussed with Rebel, a Chilean-born-US-based supporter, about different topics surrounding the Latino fans in US Soccer: Diversity, lack of fan engagement, #ProRelForUSA, racism & discrimination, and cultural heritage, amongst others

Soccer in the US has changed dramatically in the last 22 years after the World Cup USA 1994 and the inception of MLS in 1996. Kids are now surrounded by an increased interest in soccer and there are various alternatives to be engaged with the sport. However, it seems there is still some work to do to take off the awareness and engagement of fans with US Soccer.

Soccer has the biggest opportunity to become a serious player in the sports arena in the US – the Latino community is crucial for it

On the other hand, a brand new report commissioned by Miami FC owner to Deloitte to highlight the benefits of Pro/Rel and the fans’ view, points out the positive environment embracing the implementation of an open pyramid system. It’s a definite push for the #ProRelForUSA grassroots movement,

Key Findings Deloitte Report

Promotion and Relegation would also attract more Latino fans. The dream of being promoted and becoming the new Leicester of USA is in many fans’ mindset.

What comes in the future? Rebel suggests that both the USSF and the clubs should embrace a more inclusive strategy to approach the fans and, if they nail it with the Latino community, success is assured.

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