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#FanPowerSession: FIFA World Cup & Human Rights

03 December 2016

The Beautiful Game must bring the human race together to cherish the sport – not foster constant human rights violations. We spoke with Amnesty International UK about this current unfortunate situation.

Since day 1, the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup has been surrounded by controversy. It is a country without much football tradition or legacy, with a track record in violation of Human Rights, and with the outlook to even host the country during Winter season in the northern hemisphere – way too many issues for the greatest football tournament.

We discussed with Fabien Goa, from Amnesty International UK, about the impact of major sporting events on human rights, and in particular about the above mentioned World Cup. In fact, a new labour law just entered into force this week -a law that has been released after the critics and concerns pointed out following last year’s denunciation and constant monitoring of the conditions in which foreign workers are being forced to at the sites of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and other infrastructures linked to the organization of the tournament.

Fabien also highlighted how this law, which abolishes the “Khafala” system, only scratched the issue and won’t allow any significant change on the abuses that migrants workers are exposed too.

What are the controversies surrounding the organisation of this World Cup? Is there a lack of transparency from FIFA in this decision? What is exactly happening around the construction of stadia in Qatar regarding human rights violations?

Listen to our podcast to understand better the human tragedy that is happening in Qatar with the compliance of FIFA and how an organization like Amnesty International UK is fighting to bring to light updates on human rights abuses on the sites of the stadiums that will host the global most popular competition in about 6 years.