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Global Survey 2017 – The Football Business & Fan Involvement

21 April 2017

FanVox, the social enterprise that empowers football fans to influence positive change in the football industry, is launching the 2017 global survey “The Business of Football & Fan Involvement”.

Based in Manchester, UK and Bogotá, Colombia, FanVox has been a pioneer in the use of the fan involvement concept as a tool to harmonize the relationship and interaction between the football stakeholders. It transcends the usual fan engagement concept as it considers the input from organised fans to enhance the running of a club and the industry in general.

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“Back in 2015, we launched our first global survey with the support of the Manchester Business School”, states Jimmy Tadić, FanVox Co-Founder. “We aimed at finding out the new types of stakeholder interaction within the industry, as well as analysing the tangible influence of the digital tools in the beautiful game”.

The study achieved a global reach and representatives from all football stakeholders took part in it. As part of the key findings, the importance of technology and social media for stakeholder interaction was pointed out, as well as the acknowledgment of the inevitable hyper commercialisation of the beautiful game.

Click here for the 2015 Global Survey’s key findings

“This year, we want to set the ground for a new study field regarding fan involvement”, argues Daniel Velásquez, Co-Founder of the social enterprise. “Modern football has somehow created a greater gap between the asset owners and the spectators. However, fans and other stakeholder have the means and access to a handful of tools and mechanisms that allows them to take part in the discussion within the industry”, points out Velásquez. Hence, this year the global survey aims at increasing the geographical reach and participant numbers, and at benchmarking the key insights to create a data set that can be very helpful for all stakeholders’ decision-making process.


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