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#FanPowerSession: Serie B

13 May 2016

Federico Smanio, Former Footballer and Head of Digital Transformation and Fan Relationship Management from Serie B in Italy, discussed with us fan engagement and supporter liaison in a new digital era.

Pro/Rel for USA: #FanPower across the pond!

14 March 2016

Guest Post by Pro/Rel Supporters Association The US “Soccer” pyramid system does not contemplate promotion or relegation for any division. What does this mean in the era of globalized and “modern” football? This guest blog by Promotion/Relegation Supporters Association explains it. These are awkward times for many European fans all across the world. For what seems like the…

FanVox Study – “The Business of Football & Fan Engagement”

28 February 2016

Over the past 18 months, FanVox has been monitoring the affairs of the supporter movement across the world. This study compiles the main findings of a bespoke research, with insightful contributions from 148 football stakeholders in Europe and America. Supporter activism is a phenomenon that has spent several years in the orbit of the football industry. Nonetheless, recently it…